Katharine (Front Royal, Virginia)


My husband and I struggled with infertility for many years before we conceived our son Kimber. From the first time I heard your song it filled my heart with peace. The reminder that despite our circumstances, I truly know who God is and that He never changes. Despite the suffering that we had endured, JJ's song [Who You Are] reminded me to have courage and hope in who the Bible promises He is. 

After nine wonderful healthy months, our son, Kimber, was stillborn on September 4, 2013. To say it was devastating could not possibly do it justice. 

As we held our son for the first and last time, praise and worship music played in the background. I vividly remember JJ's song coming on and playing (multiple times throughout the day). Suddenly, not only the first part of the song applied to me, but the second part as well. Once again the truth of who God is resonated in my heart. 

I remember hearing the words, "You know what it's like to lose a child," over and over again. It filled my heart with comfort; with a peace that surpassed all understanding. Her song has blessed my life SO much. In the months following Kimber's death, I would often listen to her song (sometimes on repeat) and just bask in the glory of the Lord, and in the reminder that the suffering I experience does not change who He is.