Casey (Wisconsin)


I have been listening to JJ since I was in high school. Her music got me through some of my hardest depression spells. I babysat a lot and every time any of the kids would cry, I would play any of her songs, and they would calm down immediately. I was so thankful for it, but I never knew how thankful I would be for it until I took in my nieces.

At the time, my nieces were two months and 15 months. They both had been drug babies, neglected, and didn’t know stability. They didn’t know what it was like to have a home. They didn’t sleep in their own beds. They didn’t let me walk two steps away without screaming for comfort. My oldest niece also has trust issues and worriments of being left in addition to emotional issues.

I was working 2 - 10 pm and 10 pm - 6 am shifts every other day. I was exhausted and had given up all hope. One night as both the girls were screaming, I turned on Spotify for some sanity for myself, and JJ’s music started to play. Almost immediately both girls calmed down and fell right to sleep. Any time my youngest niece would cry, I would burst into a song by JJ. She would lay her head down and fall asleep.

It’s now one year later and both girls sleep through the night as long as JJ's music is playing in their room.