Stephanie (Alexandria, Virginia)


I’m standing over my newly adopted son’s crib in the PICU, exactly one month after he came into our family. Huck is a medically fragile, ventilator dependent baby, and his life is nothing short of a miracle.

He caught a cold, which for him means an admission into the intensive care unit. I feel helpless and exhausted as I watch him try to rest amidst IV lines, constant beeping of machines and frequent pokes and prodding by medical staff.

As he was whimpering and fighting for a nap, I prayed “Lord, what can I do, how can I help him rest?” I instantly remembered reading the stories JJ's shared, particularly about the “I Dream of You” album providing comfort to parents and sweet babies. I pulled out my phone, placed it by his pillow, and began playing “Lullaby”. In a few minutes he began to relax and was able to briefly sleep.