Jennifer - College Station, TX

Jennifer's daughter with her teachers.

Jennifer's daughter with her teachers.

I was introduced to JJ's music by my three-year-old daughter’s special education teachers, Kourtney and Elizabeth. They play her music in their classroom, as JJ's music and her voice has a beautiful, soothing element to it.  

My daughter’s teachers put together a little video of the Boat Song, and played it for the moms on Mother’s Day. The whole room was in tears by the time the video stopped playing.  

Our children in this special education classroom all have some disability; autism, Down syndrome, epilepsy, developmental delays, etc., and we parents live in a constant state of worry. Will our children be loved and accepted by others? Will our children succeed in the future? will our children be happy and lead a fulfilled life?  

Seeing this amazing video of our children singing and dancing to your beautiful song gave the classroom full of parents and grandparents reassurance.  That day, after the teachers played the video, we were at peace; we were calm; we felt lighter.  We were able to let go of our worry.

THAT is how moving her music is. That day, the Boat Song gave us parents one of the most beautiful, peaceful, memorable moments we’ve experienced in our children’s lives.  Through her words, we know that He will provide.  And for that, I am thankful. 

David Heller