I Make Music Because of Stories Like This

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Sometimes I feel lonely on this road of not quite fitting squarely in Christian music as a genre. I’m finding more and more peace knowing that God’s purpose for my music isn’t necessarily having a big hit on the radio or a song at the top of the charts.

When your share your stories of how my music made a difference in your life, you remind me I don’t have to fit in to matter. When we are faithful to be who God made us to be, He is faithful to use us in ways we never expected.

I received this note the other day that made me cry all the happy tears:  

We have three foster teens and three younger permanent children as well. Two of my foster daughters have severe anxiety and trouble sleeping. They have panic attacks and a lot of trouble just in their daily lives. I have never seen anything calm them quicker than your music. Your lyrics touch their souls and the peaceful melodies calm their spirits. They ask to listen to your songs as they go to sleep now. Your music has opened up a world of hope, trust and peace in their hearts. -ASHLEY 

I mean ... come on!!! 

The songs I write have a quieter yet still significant purpose. I know God has called me to write honest songs of hope and peace that will be faithful reminders of the truth as you journey through this beautiful and sometimes tragic life.

You be you and I’ll be me and we’ll walk through this life cheering for each other. I’ll keep writing songs of hope and peace as long as it brings you joy to listen.

Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey! It gives me courage knowing we're in this together.