Stacy - Coquitlam, BC (Canada)

mom and daughter story.jpeg

Dear JJ,

Thank you for your music. I love all of it, you are my go to when I’m feeling stressed and need to be uplifted, I have you on shuffle for the dinner prep witching hour and it keeps me from getting frustrated with my kids. I appreciate the sound, the words, and the love in every song.

Last night, however, Lullaby became my favorite. My three year old daughter, Eliana, loves that song. It is her fav and she asks for it every night at bedtime. Last night she woke up screaming and crying out in pain, saying her ear was hurting her. She was so upset and we couldn’t calm her down. We gave her medicine and I rocked her an finally just brought her into my bed but she was still crying out in pain. Suddenly she simply said “Lullaby.”

I knew what she wanted. I started playing Lullaby on repeat and before it had played through a second time she was asleep. I’m teary-eyed how just thinking of it!! Today we took her to the doc, and sure enough, ear infection. She’s already doing better but you can bet I played Lullaby again tonight. She was out like a light.

Thank you. Thank you so much, from this tired Mama. Your music is such a gift. It is my go to in the kitchen when we are making dinner; it is what we play when they are upset and it calms them down; it is what I listen to when I am feeling discouraged as a mom, wife, friend. It lifts me up and reminds me of who I am in Him.