Anastasia (Dallas, Texas)

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I was introduced to JJ nearly six years ago when I was a new mom and I loved it. I was struggling to recover from a traumatic unexpected c-section, and I was struggling to embrace motherhood and help a colic baby. 

Fast forward nearly two and a half years, and I came across her album "I Dream of You." I was expecting my second baby, and we weren't sure what type of delivery we were going to have, but I knew whatever the situation, I wanted her album to be playing! 

Through some unexpected twists and turns we learned my oldest son had autism. The geneticist told us it was very likely, but he didn't want to give the final diagnosis. This all transpired April 15, 2015. It was a like a punch in the stomach. I was very pregnant and very upset. I went into a frenzy trying to do everything I could to get my oldest started with getting help. The stress was too much.

Ten days later I went into early labor. The baby was breach, and we rushed to the hospital. I was upset and scared, but I had JJ's music and I had some scriptures written down. So I started playing the album "I Dream of You," and started rehearsing scriptures while doctors and nurses frantically rushed around me and prepped me for yet another c-section.

My littlest was born just at the 37+3 day mark. They laid him on my chest just as the song "I Dream of You" started to play. It was euphoric, and sweet and exciting. The trauma of my first emergency c-section melted away. I knew what to expect this time around. And on top of it all, I had that peaceful album playing the whole time. 

We continued to play the "I Dream of You" album over the next few months as we processed the idea of a new life in the family, as well as the grief that our first baby was diagnosed with autism. My boys love JJ's music, and they still ask to listen to it today.