Lauren (Lewisville, Texas)


My dad was older and had health complications for a long time. He had several very real brushes with death, but he hung on. Six weeks after I gave birth to his first grandchild, he was put in hospice, and days later he went home to glory. 

Along with my grief, I also got postpartum depression and anxiety, plus caring for a newborn. It all felt like too much. I felt like my world was falling down around me, and I was so angry at God.

The song "Your Hands" was my anchor in those days and “heaven stands” became sort of a mantra for me, reminding me that the Lord is sovereign and my pain was known.

She’s almost two now, and my spiritual growth has been incredible through the pain and sorrow. I still cherish the words "heaven stands." They aren’t my rock in the storm anymore, but my proclamation of God’s goodness and faithfulness.