Brooke (Anna, Ohio)


A couple years ago I had an episode where they thought I had a stroke. I was pregnant with our 7th and terrified. I was referred to a neurologist who then began to start testing for MS, which requires several MRI’s of the brain. I am extremely claustrophobic and anxious, but I have 7 kids and knew I had to be here for them. I knew God’s story of mercy and redemption was not over in my life.

The day of my first MRI I was incredibly anxious, praying and panicking and crying. I got up onto the bed to begin the MRI and asked that the JJ Heller Pandora station be turned on. The first song was "Your Hands." I immediately remembered who was in control and that together, God and I were going to get through it.

I have listened to that song several times over the last couple of years when my cousin died at 14, when we lost our baby due to a genetic disorder, and again during my last MRI.

Music is truly the one thing that stretches across generations and troubled souls. "Your Hands" has been there for me in the thick of my worst troubles.