Annalisa (Dallas, Texas)


JJ's music has been a big part of my life through several important parts in the last three years. On May 15, 2015 my husband and I got married and our first dance was to "Tonight." October 2016 depression hit me hard and heavy. Several songs from "Painted Red" became anthems for me. Those songs ranged from Save Me, All I Need, True Things ... basically I would have the album play over and over on days where I would need some extra push to remind me of who I am, who God is, and that this wrestling is all a part of a bigger story.

In May 2017 we found out we were pregnant. A friend told me to start singing a certain song to the child and sway while singing it. She had done this with her children and said when they were born, the song became a source of comfort for her babies. I chose "Keep you Safe". I would sing it, hum it while working, at home, and anytime I felt the need.

Then in September at 19 weeks pregnant my water broke. I was in the hospital a couple days then went home on bed rest for a little bit until I was readmitted in October. My husband and I were both wrestling with God in a different ways over what was happening. I remember singing "Your Hands" over and over to myself in the hospital. There was a music therapist at the hospital and she even learned a couple songs so we could sing together through that time with Casey still in the womb.

Everyday we would hear his strong heartbeat. On October 25 Casey Edward Lim AKA 林征远 (Lim Chong Yen) was born with extremely under developed lungs. He passed away 16 hours later on October 26. We were both with him until he passed into the next place in a form of perfection we cannot comprehend.

Before he passed I was able to sing "Keep You Safe" to him in our own private concert. That song still makes me cry, but I am beyond grateful for the existence of it.  JJ's songs have been a part of some of my most exciting times in my life as well as the darkest but God's beauty and goodness is woven in all of them and I am grateful for her songs reminding us of that.