Tom and Julie Billig (Huntsville, Alabama)

Billig Family.jpg

My wife, Julie, and I are Foster Parents. Along with our 4 biological kids, we have cared for 19 children in the last 3 years. 14 of them were under the age of 1 when they came into our home. My wife is a nurse, which means that DHR uses us for children that are in need of special care. Almost all of the babies have been severely neglected, starved, born with drugs in their bodies and minds, exposed to drugs In utero, or had some form of brain damage.

During our 4th and 5th placement I turned on the lullaby channel on Apple Music in hopes to get the little one to sleep while I drove. Your music began to play, and I loved how calming it was to her. I just had to hear more, and started listening to your other music. The very next song was “What Love Really Means”. I began to cry as I thought about the 2 foster kids in our care. One was a 2 year old who’s parents couldn’t stay sober to take care of her diabetes, and the other was a 4 month old who was found in the bed of a pickup truck, parked in a barn, and drinking a bottle of water while her mom was smoking meth.

Our family started listening to your music more regularly and discovered how unbelievably calming it was to these babies. These babies who have dealt with more in there short lives than most people in an entire lifetime. A frantic, hysterical baby who can't self soothe was instantly calm and falling asleep. Your music was like a miracle, like an angel’s hand touching these babies to calm and comfort them. We could not believe how your music had this effect on every one of my foster kids since. Every single one!

From the 6 month old who was born with 5 illegal drugs in her body, to the 4 month old who had a stroke, was in the hospital for a month, forgot what human touch was, and could not suck on a bottle or pacifier. This effect never happened with any other music we have played. Julie and I believe that God was providing healing for these babies through your music.

Now every night "I Dream of You” puts my babies to sleep, and plays all thought the night. As I sit here in my kitchen writing this, I hear your music playing in 3 different rooms. Each of my babies peacefully sleeping with your music.